La Cake started when Gisele Labate,

an enthusiastic, dedicated, and creative dreamer,

finds out that she had a gift.

She always had it within her, and it was just waiting to debut,

it is the gift of baking.

Together in family, she remembers being approached by her grandma in the kitchen,

so they could start another baking therapy together.

They laughed and they had fun, they shared ingredients and discovered new things,

and they certainly pleased the crowd with

the most delightful baked goods.

Gisele carried on an idea and started selling her food,

very soon along the way she turned to the sweet side of the kitchen

and became a master.

Overlooking and watching her steps, Cristiano Angelucci her husband,

believing in her success, has decided to team up

and be part of this great journey.

With both coming from art driven childhood backgrounds,

they put their minds and effort together to come up with

the most delicious sweet heaven masterpieces.

Together they brace to make La Cake an icon,

indulging the most intricate pallets in the

cake, dessert and baking world.